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Realz Sinatra

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"Brian Cobbs (Born April 11, 1983)
Who records under the pseudo “Realz Sadam” is an American recording artist. He’s an Executive, A Songwriter and Designer from Harlem, NYC.
Realz spent most of his adolescent to teen years traveling from state to state. From the east to the west coast, his experiences helped cultivate his sound and his appreciation for music and art. One of Realz’s talents lies in his ability to lure and captivate listeners, from beat selection to lyrics, wit, concepts approach and delivery.

Realz career began with rap trio D.I.S (Deadly Insane Soldiers) whose members consist of “Realz Sadam” “Low Swigga” and “Reddy Rock”. In 2007 D.I.S signed with Indie label Smoke Squad International and together with Executive Producer Melskino recorded their mix tape “Gangsta Gangsta” Which was hosted by Dj Vlad and well received Overseas and in the U.s.

In 2011 a sub division of Smoke Squad International was opened, “Mayhem Muzik” and anointed the presidency was “Brian Cobbs”. In the summer of 2012 Realz Sadam’s Mix tape “25/8 Life” was released, which earned hottest mix tape of the summer and a featured in January 2013 issue of Swagg Magazine and artist pick of the week, plus several internet and fm radio stations, blogs and magazines.
Winter 2012 Realz Sadam’s “Twenty Five Eight” was released to much anticipation and is currently climbing the itune charts. Realz is also expanding his 25/8 life brand with a 25/8 clothing line. Realz also has a role as well as song placement for a feature film titled “East Side Story” due out fall 2013. Realz is currently working on his Debut album “Walk with me Now Fly with me later” no release date yet known."